Who told you that?

Slowly but surely the light in your eyes is fading
I see you shrinking, and I keep asking myself
Who told you that? Who convinced you?

Who convinced you of your inadequacy?
Who told you that the world needed less of you?
Who told you that we would do just fine without you?

Who told you that you needed to be better, get better, do better?
Who told you that you were both too much and too little to handle?
Who felt like they needed to handle you?

How dare they tell you that your light was not wanted?
How dare they try to mold you?
How dare they try to tame you?

Is it because they could see the fierceness lying behind that gentle demeanor? Is it because they sensed that you were made of a different cloth?
Is it because your mere existence is a threat to them?

Who told you all those lies that became your truth?
Who poured such poison into your gentle soul?
Who corrupted you?

Show me the fountain from which you drank
Show me the water that claimed to quench your thirst?
Can’t you see that it is full of mud?

Run! Run away from it all
Dare to believe a different narrative
Dare to believe in that still small voice.

I know it’s been a long time and you feel trapped
But listen to the voice it speaks to you
Can you hear what it’s telling you?

Pause. Breathe. Listen.

Fierce. Perfect. Loved.
She tells you, she pleads with you
Will you listen? Will you believe?

I beg you to open your eyes
Can you see you as you really are?
Fearfully and wonderfully made

I beg you to open your ears
Can you hear the prophecy about you?
Perfectly imperfect, a Masterpiece.

I beg you to open your heart
Can you feel it?
Endless and unconditional love.

I hope you see
I hope you hear
I hope you believe.



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Madame Moudmak

Madame Moudmak

(Over)thinker, old and sensitive soul, intrigued by humanity. Almost always dabbling